University of Glasgow Scholarships 2023 – (70+ Scholarships)

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University of Glasgow Scholarships
University of Glasgow Scholarships

Congratulations on being called for University of Glasgow Scholarships to study in the University of Glasgow! Unfortunately, tuition and living expenses in this beautiful city can cost more than you’d expect, and the costs only get higher as you go through your studies, culminating in the dreaded Scottish bar exam! In order to help offset these costs and make it easier for you to focus on the important stuff (like your studies!)

University offer several scholarships that cover up to 100% of all tuition fees incurred during your time at the University of Glasgow. Here’s what you need to know about applying for these scholarships in order to be eligible for one when it comes time to apply.

About University of Glasgow Scholarships 2023

  • Host Country: United Kingdom
  • Study‎ levels: ‎ Masters
  • Host University: University of Glasgow
  • Scholarship Coverage:  Funded
  • Total  Scholarships: 70
  • Last date : January to July (annual), Classes start in September

What is an undergraduate scholarship?

University of Glasgow Scholarships are generally awarded to students in undergraduate programs and can be either merit-based or need-based. Merit-based scholarships, which are also known as academic or achievement scholarships, are given to outstanding applicants based on their academic record and/or SAT scores (where applicable). Need-based scholarships, on the other hand, take into account financial need and do not require additional consideration.

Available Courses

  • Art History{MLitt}
  • Art History: Dress & Textile Histories{MLitt}
  • Art History: Collecting & Provenance in an International Context{MSc}
  • Art History: Technical Art History, Making & Meaning{MLitt}
  • Astrophysics{MSc}
  • Asset Pricing & Investment{MSc}
  • Adult Education, Community Development & Youth Work{MEd/PgDip}
  • Advanced Nursing Science{MSc}
  • Advanced Functional Materials{MSc}
  • Advanced Practice in Health Care{MSc(MedSci)}
  • Aerospace Engineering & Management{MSc}
  • Advanced Statistics{MRes}
  • Ancient Cultures{MSc}
  • Aerospace Engineering{MSc}
  • Animal Welfare Science, Ethics & Law{MSc}
  • Applied Neuropsychology{MSc(MedSci)/PgDip}
  • Applied Linguistics{MSc}
  • Archaeology{MSc}
  • Biomedical Engineering{MSc}
  • Bioinformatics{MSc/PgDip/PgCert}
  • Biomedical Sciences{MSc}
  • Biotechnology{MSc}
  • Biomedical Sciences{MRes}
  • Biotechnology & Management{MSc/PgDip}
  • Cancer Research & Precision Oncology{MSc}
  • Cardiovascular Sciences{MSc(MedSci)}
  • Brain Sciences{MSc}
  • Chemical Biology{MSc}
  • Chemistry with Medicinal Chemistry{MSc}
  • Chemistry{MSc}
  • Children’s Literature & Literacies{MEd}
  • City Planning & Real Estate Development{MSc}
  • Civil Engineering{MSc}
  • City Planning{MSc}
  • Civil Engineering & Management{MSc}
  • Clinical Genetics{MSc(MedSci)}
  • Classics & Ancient History{MSc}
  • Clinical Neuropsychology{MSc(MedSci)/PgDip}
  • Clinical Pharmacology{MSc(MedSci)}
  • Clinical Neuropsychology Knowledge & Practice{MSc(MedSci)}
  • Comparative Literature{MLitt}
  • Clinical Nutrition{MSc(MedSci)}
  • Computer Systems Engineering{MSc}
  • Conflict Archaeology & Heritage{MSc/PgDip}
  • Computing Science{MSc}
  • Conservation Management of African Ecosystems{MSc}
  • Corporate Governance & Accountability{MSc}
  • Creative Industries & Cultural Policy{MSc}
  • Creative Writing{MLitt}
  • Criminology{MRes}
  • Critical Care{MSc/PgDip/PgCert}
  • Criminology & Criminal Justice{MSc}
  • Data Analytics{MSc}
  • Data Science{MSc}
  • Development Studies{MSc}
  • Developing & Evaluating Interventions{MSc/PgDip/PgCert/CPD}
  • Diabetes{MSc(MedSci)}
  • Digital Health Interventions{MSc/PgDip/PgCert}
  • Early Modern History{MSc/PgDip}
  • Ecology & Environmental Biology{MRes}
  • Economic Development{MSc}
  • Digital Society{MSc}
  • Economics, Banking & Finance{MSc}
  • Education for Sustainable Futures in Adult, Community & Youth Contexts{MSc}
  • Education, Public Policy & Equity{MSc}
  • Educational Studies{MEd}
  • Educational Studies{MSc}
  • Electronics & Electrical Engineering & Management{MSc}
  • Electronics & Photonics Manufacturing{MSc}
  • Earth Futures: Environments, Communities, Relationships{MSc}
  • English Language & Linguistics{MSc}
  • English Literature{MLitt}
  • Electronics & Electrical Engineering{MSc}
  • English Literature: American Modern Literature{MLitt}
  • English Literature: Fantasy{MLitt}
  • English Literature: Modernities – Literature, Culture, Theory{MLitt}
  • English Literature: Victorian Literature{MLitt}
  • Environment & Sustainable Development{MSc}
  • Enhanced Practice in Education (Dumfries Campus){MSc}
  • Environment, Culture & Communication (Dumfries Campus){MLitt}
  • Environmental Futures: Sustainable Systems{MSc}
  • Epidemiology of Infectious Diseases & Antimicrobial Resistance{MSc}
  • Equality & Human Rights{MSc}
  • Equality & Human Rights{MRes}
  • Film & Television Studies{MLitt}
  • Environmental Risk Management{MSc}
  • Film Curation{MSc}
  • Filmmaking & Media Arts{MSc}
  • Finance & Management{MSc}
  • Financial Economics{MSc}
  • Finance & Economic Development{MSc}
  • Financial Forecasting & Investment{MSc}
  • Financial Risk Management{MSc}
  • Food Security{MSc}
  • Gender History{MSc/PgDip}
  • Geoinformation Technology & Cartography{MSc/PgDip/PgCert}
  • Financial Technology{MSc}
  • Geomatics & Management{MSc}
  • Geospatial & Mapping Sciences{MSc/PgDip/PgCert}
  • Global Health{MSc/MRes}
  • Global Economy{MSc}
  • Global Mental Health{MSc/PgDip/PgCert}
  • Global Migrations & Social Justice{MRes}
  • Global Security{MSc}
  • Global Security{MRes}
  • Global Migrations & Social Justice{MSc}
  • Health Services Management{MSc/PgDip/PgCert}
  • History{MSc/PgDip}
  • Human Geography: Spaces, Politics, Ecologies{MRes}
  • Human Rights & International Politics{MRes}
  • Human Nutrition{MSc(MedSci)}
  • Human Rights & International Politics{MSc}
  • Immunology & Inflammatory Disease{MSc}
  • Industrial Heterogeneous Catalysis{MRes}
  • Infection Biology (with specialisms){MSc}
  • Inclusive Education: Research, Policy & Practice{MEd}
  • Information Management & Preservation{MSc/PgDip/PgCert}
  • Information Technology{MSc}
  • Intellectual Property & the Digital Economy{LLM}
  • International Banking & Finance{MSc}
  • International Business{MSc}
  • International Accounting & Financial Management{MAcc}
  • International Commercial Law{LLM}
  • International Competition Law & Policy{LLM}
  • International Economic Law{LLM}
  • International Finance{MFin}
  • International Financial Analysis{MSc}
  • International Corporate Finance & Banking{MSc}
  • International Human Resource Management & Development{MSc}
  • International Law{LLM}
  • International Law & Security{LLM}
  • International Management & Design Innovation{MSc}
  • International Relations{MRes}
  • International Relations{MSc}
  • International Strategic Marketing{MSc}
  • Investment Banking & Finance{MSc}
  • Investment Fund Management{MSc}
  • Land & Hydrographic Surveying{MSc/PgDip/PgCert}
  • Law{LLM}
  • Law{MRes}
  • TESOL: Teaching of English to Speakers of Other Languages{MEd}
  • TESOL: Teaching of English to Speakers of Other Languages{MSc}
  • Theatre & Performance Practices{MLitt}
  • Theatre Studies{MLitt}
  • Theoretical Physics{MSc}
  • Tourism, Heritage & Development (Dumfries Campus){MSc}
  • Tourism, Heritage & Sustainability (Dumfries Campus){MSc}
  • Translation Studies{MSc/PgDip/PgCert}
  • Transnational Crime, Justice & Security{MSc}
  • Urban Analytics{MSc}
  • Urban Research{MRes}
  • Urban Transport{MSc}
  • War Studies{MSc}
  • Management{MSc}
  • Management & Sustainable Tourism{MSc}
  • Management with Enterprise & Business Growth{MSc}
  • Management with Human Resources{MSc}
  • Management with International Finance{MSc}
  • Master of Global Business{MGB}
  • Material Culture & Artefact Studies{MSc/PgDip}
  • Mathematics / Applied Mathematics{MSc}
  • Mechanical Engineering{MSc}
  • Mechanical Engineering & Management{MSc}
  • Mechatronics{MSc}
  • Media Management{MSc}
  • Media, Communications & International Journalism{MSc}
  • Media, Culture & Society{MSc}
  • Medical Devices Engineering{MSc}
  • Medical Genetics & Genomics{MSc(MedSci)}
  • Medical Physics{MSc}
  • Medieval History{MSc/PgDip}
  • Modern History{MSc/PgDip}
  • Museum Education{MSc}
  • Museum Studies{MSc/PgDip/PgCert}
  • Music Industries{MSc}
  • Musicology{MMus}
  • Nanoscience & Nanotechnology{MSc}
  • Nuclear & Environmental Physics{MSc}
  • Oral Sciences{MSc}
  • Philosophy{MSc}
  • Philosophy (Conversion){MSc}
  • Philosophy of Mind & Psychology{MSc}
  • Playwriting & Dramaturgy{MLitt}
  • Political Communication{MSc/PgDip}
  • Political Communication{MRes}
  • Precision Medicine (with specialisms){MSc}
  • Psychological Science (conversion){MSc}
  • Psychological Science, Research Methods of{MSc}
  • Psychological Studies (conversion){MSc}
  • Public & Urban Policy{MSc/PgDip}
  • Public Health{MPH/PgDip/PgCert}
  • Public Policy & Management{MSc}
  • Public Policy Research{MRes}
  • Quantitative Finance{MSc}
  • Quantitative Methods in Biodiversity, Conservation & Epidemiology{MSc}
  • Quantum Technology{MSc}
  • Real Estate{MSc}
  • Robotics & AI{MSc}
  • Russian, East European & Eurasian Studies{MSc}
  • Russian, East European & Eurasian Studies{MRes}
  • Scottish History{MSc/PgDip}
  • Sensor & Imaging Systems{MSc}
  • Sociology{MSc}
  • Sociology & Research Methods{MRes}
  • Software Development{MSc}
  • Sound Design & Audiovisual Practice{MSc}
  • Statistics{MSc}
  • Speech, Language & Sociolinguistics{MSc}
  • Sport & Exercise Science & Medicine{MSc}
  • Stem Cell Engineering for Regenerative Medicine{MSc}
  • Sustainable Energy{MSc}
  • Structural Engineering{MSc}
  • Sustainable Water Environments{MSc}

Scholarship Benefits

University of Glasgow scholarships are open to international students who wish to pursue masters or PhD at University of Glasgow in Scotland. These University of Glasgow scholarships will cover both tuition fees and living expenses.

How to apply for University of Glasgow Scholarships?

Applications for University of Glasgow Scholarships are typically due in October, but check with your country’s consulate to ensure you don’t miss any deadlines. For example, UK applicants must apply by December 15.


The deadline to apply for the University of Glasgow Scholarships 2023 is different depending on the course but usually its from January to July (annual). 

Does it cover my accommodation costs?

If you’re studying at an overseas university, your accommodation costs will likely not be covered. You’ll need to secure a place to live as soon as possible so that your entire budget can go towards your tuition fees and living expenses. Applications for accommodation are handled by individual universities, so check with them directly if you have any questions or concerns. And don’t forget that students who study during summer months must secure housing in advance.

Am I eligible?

If you’re an international student, then yes. All you need to do is make sure that you meet all eligibility requirements and that your program will be starting in either September 2023 or October 2024.

When does it start?

The deadline to apply is November 1, 2023. The start date is Jan 1, 2023. This scholarship is available for those who will be enrolled in a full-time degree program at the University of Glasgow during the academic year that begins in September 2023. If you’re not currently studying at University of Glasgow but plan to enroll by August 1, 2023, that’s OK—if you’re otherwise eligible you can still apply and be considered a future student.



We hope you liked today’s post, UK is the land of opportunities and one of the safest places on the earth so we highly recommend all of you people apply for University of Glasgow Scholarships. These scholarships will help you to grow your professional career. We tried our best to cover all the details, In case you still have any confusion or questions, you should visit the official website of scholarship. (The Official link to apply for the scholarship is given above).


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