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The Queen Elizabeth Commonwealth Scholarship currently open and welcoming international students for the years 2022-2023. The grant of Queen Elizabeth is available to international students who are part of the Commonwealth. Queen Elizabeth Commonwealth Scholarship 2023 is one of the best and  a real-life opportunity to pursue a two-year Masters degree in a Commonwealth with a poor or middle-income economy. Also apply for Brunel University London International Excellence Scholarship 2022

The Queen Elizabeth Commonwealth Scholarship (QECS) was introduced in 2015 as part of the QECS Scholarships and Grants Program which is supported by the Government of Australia, the Governments of New Zealand, the Governments of Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands and Tuvalu and private partners, including BHP Billiton Foundation, Rio Tinto Foundation and the Pratt Foundation. The Scholarship encourages students from developing Commonwealth countries to undertake undergraduate studies at one of the 42 participating Universities in Australia. Students are selected based on their academic excellence and financial need. Also apply for University of Guelph President’s Scholarships in Canada

Scholars of Queen Elizabeth Commonwealth seek to bring about positive change and find answers to the common challenges we face, both in their own and in their own countries, through cultural co-operation and academic cooperation. Yes you can also apply for Guangxi Normal University CSC Scholarship 2022 – Fully Funded

The Queen Elizabeth Commonwealth Scholarship allows students from Commonwealth nations who are motivated to make a difference in their communities to study for a Master’s degree in a full-fledged foreign country, expand their space and expand their global network.

Summary of Queen Elizabeth Commonwealth Scholarship

  • Funded By: Commonwealth
  •  Coverage: Fully Funded
  • Study levels: only Master Degree
  • Eligible Nationality for Scholarship: International
  • Deadline:  May 24, 2022.

Participating Universities and Programs Offered

  • Rhodes University
    • All Faculties, full-time two-year Masters courses at Rhodes University, Makhanda.
    • Entry requirements: Honours degree or equivalent.
    • Contact at : registrar@ru.ac.za
  • North-West University
    • Programs Offered by Institute:
      • MSc Astrophysics*
      • MSc Chemistry*
      • MSc Environmental Science*
      • MSc Pharmacology
      • MSc Pharmaceutics
      • MSc Pharmaceutical Chemistry
      • M in Industrial Engineering
      • MA Music
      • MA History
      • MA Development Studies
      • MA Social Anthropology
      • MA International Relations
  • University of Pretoria (UP)
    • Applicants are required to submit a university application before their scholarship application.
  • Stellenbosch University
    • Programs Offered by Institute:
      • MSc Psychology
      • MSc Engineering
      • MSc Psychiatry
    • Contact at: postgraduate@sun.ac.za
  • University of Venda
    • Programs Offered by Institute:
      • Physical Sciences & Mathematical Sciences
      • Health and Life Sciences
      • Human and Social Sciences
      • Agricultural and Environmental Sciences
      • Management Sciences and Law
      • Education
    • Contact at : research@univen.ac.za
  • The University of the South Pacific (USP)
  • Programs Offered by Institute:
    • LLM Law
    • MA Applied Linguistics
    • MA Development Studies
    • MA Education
    • MA Geography
    • MA Diplomacy & International Affairs
    • MA Environmental Management
    • MA Journalism
    • MA History
    • MA Governance
    • MA Marine Management
    • MA Literature
    • MA Linguistics
    • MA Mathematics
    • MA Pacific Studies
    • MA Psychology
    • MA Sociology
    • MA Politics/ International Affairs
    • Master of Agriculture (Thesis)
    • MCom Accounting (Thesis)
    • Master of Business Administration
    • Master of Environmental Law
    • MCom Economics (by coursework or by thesis)
    • MA Social Policy
    • Master of Education
    • MCom Land Management (by thesis or SRP*)
    • MCom Management & Public Administration (by coursework & by thesis or SRP
    • MCom Population Studies and Demography
    • MSc Biology
    • MCom Professional Accounting
    • MCom Tourism & Hospitality Management (by thesis or SRP)
    • MSc Physics
    • MSc Computing Science
    • MSc Engineering
    • MSc Climate Change
    • MSc Chemistry
    • MSc Marine Science
    • MSc Earth Science
    • MCom Official Statistics
    • MSc Environmental Science
    • MSc Geospatial Science
    • MSc Mathematics
    • MSc Information Systems
  • Contact at : international@usp.ac.fj

The Eligibility Criteria for Queen Elizabeth Commonwealth Scholarship

This scholarship program is available to students who are citizens of a country within the Commonwealth. There are no academic prerequisites. These awards are open to applicants from countries that maintain full diplomatic relations with Canada, which includes: Antigua and Barbuda, Australia, The Bahamas, Bangladesh, Barbados, Belize,…(more countries)

The Benefits of Being an Applicant

The CCS is only available to young people aged 18-25 years of age who are citizens of a member country. It’s worth noting that you cannot have studied more than two years at an institution in your own country to be eligible for a CCS.

What Will I Get From Applying?

Queen Elizabeth Commonwealth Scholarships (QECS) aim to help develop global citizens who have a positive impact on their communities and are able to work collaboratively with people from different cultures. You can gain up to four years of tuition fees, and an allowance for living expenses at two or four-year institutions in any of 15 Commonwealth countries. In addition, if you choose to study outside of your home country, your personal costs while overseas will be paid by your government’s scholarship agency.

Why Should Apply for Queen Elizabeth Commonwealth Scholarship?

The Queen Elizabeth Scholarships and Fellowships (QES) program, administered by the University of Cambridge in England, is a prestigious award that offers promising scholars from developing countries around the world an all-expenses paid educational opportunity. It is one of only four international scholarships offered by English-speaking universities. With support from Commonwealth governments and private sponsors, QES aims to help talented students pursue postgraduate education at leading institutions in order to acquire skills, knowledge and experience for future leadership roles within their home countries.

What Happens After the Application?

While writing a personal statement for college and scholarship applications might seem daunting, it’s really not that bad. Just remember: you don’t have to be Shakespeare. A clear and concise explanation of who you are, what you have done, and what your goals are is enough to make a great essay for a scholarship application. Here are some tips for creating an effective essay: * Keep it light * Make sure every sentence serves a purpose * Always include specific details, such as examples from your life or accomplishments.




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