Next iPhone of Apple Features Game-Changing New Upgrade

Apple’s next iPhone software developer, iOS 15.4, includes a game-changing feature that people have been looking for for years.

We are all here. You are going to unlock your iPhone with Face ID while you are paying for something. You’re wearing a mask, so your iPhone needs your passcode, and you have to write that before you can pay. Sure, the whole process is faster than before, and you can easily unlock your iPhone using your Apple Watch, but it’s totally wrong.

All of that is about to change, according to reports, as Apple finally added the power to get people to unlock their iPhones using Face ID while wearing a mask on iOS 15.4. Released yesterday hot on the heels of the iOS 15.3 security update, Apple’s next beta software upgrade for Apple adds a new feature that allows Face ID to be used when wearing a mask.

According to Apple, the new iPhone feature detects “unique features” around your eyes to reassure you. You will need to re-scan your face to get Face ID, but it is best if you remove the need to use your Apple Watch or passcode to unlock your iPhone.
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Apple’s previous update, iOS 15.2, was released six weeks ago in December, along with a new App Privacy Report. The latest major update, iOS 15.3 came just a few days ago, so we will wait a while to see iOS 15.4, and will not include all the features we see in this first beta.

When it ends in iOS 15.4, a new iPhone feature will appear in the Settings app under “Use Face ID with Masks”. This switch can be turned on and off easily. There is also a nice new feature when you wear glasses and masks together, when you play the “Invisible Man” style.

You need to look at your iPhone, and it doesn’t work if you wear sunglasses. The new iOS 15.4 feature does not apply to all iPhones – for now, it looks like you will need an iPhone 12 or 13.

Of course, with improved comfort comes less security. Apple warns in settings that Face ID is “very accurate” when set to full face recognition.

It’s an iPhone game-changing feature, the only complaint I have is that at least a year it’s too late. But Apple likes to wait before introducing new features like this, to make sure it works as well and is as secure as possible before people start using it. Most people still wear a mask in stores, and this new feature of iOS 15.4 will make things a lot easier.

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