Mid Sweden University Scholarship 2023 | Fully Funded

International students can apply for the Mid Sweden University Scholarship 2023-2024, which covers tuition fees. This scholarship is available in master’s degree courses and includes a scholarship exemption of 70 000 SEK, 140 000 SEK, or 250 000 SEK, depending on the program. The best way to learn for free in Sweden without IELTS. The university offers excellent study courses in Sweden.

Mid Sweden University is a thriving community where people can connect, inspire, and think creatively. They offer high quality education while allowing you to learn about a different culture, meet new people, gain new knowledge, and develop new ideas. Studying in Sweden from Pakistan can also work.

Start your study trip to Sweden. The time to apply for the Mid Sweden University Scholarship is now open. Mid Sweden University (Mittuniversitetet) is a Swedish public university with two campuses in the cities of Ostersund and Sundsvall in the region surrounding the Swedish regional center.

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Summary of  Mid Sweden University Scholarship

  • Scholarship Country: Sweden
  • University: Mid Sweden University
  • Scholarship Eligible Countries: All countries except UK and EU countries
  • Type: Funded
  • Study Levels: Master
  • Scholarship Duration: One or Two Years
  • Application Deadline: January 17, 2023, is for admission/ February 10, 2023 –  February 28, 2023 is the deadline to apply for the scholarship

Benefits of Scholarship

The Mid Sweden University Scholarship offers the following incentives to the recipient:

Depending on the plan, a tuition fee of 70 000 SEK, 140 000 SEK, or 250 000 SEK is available.
Travel expenses, living expenses, and all other expenses are not included in the scholarship and should be paid in other ways.

Available Learning Programs

International Master’s Program in Ecotechnology and Sustainable Development

Master Program in Business Administration, Marketing and Management

  • Master’s Embedded Sensor Systems
  • International Master Program in Computer Engineering
  • Master by Research in Informatics
  • Master by Research in Engineering Physics
  • Master by Research in Biology
  • Master by Research in Media and Communication Science
  • Master of Tourism 120 credits
  • Master by Research in Computer Engineering
  • Master by Research in Electronics
  • Master of Tourism 60 credits

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Eligibility criteria

Applicants must meet the following criteria to consider the Tuition Fee Scholarship at Mid Sweden University:

English is a required language.
All countries in the world are eligible, except the United Kingdom and the European Union.
Citizens from outside the EU / EEA / Switzerland countries who are obliged to pay tuition fees and apply for one of the above-mentioned programs through university admission (January 17, 2023 deadline).
You must obtain at least 180 credits in Sweden for your first degree (degree).
You have to demonstrate your English language skills by taking the world-famous English exams (scores are below the requirements of a particular program).
Click here to check the qualifications of the qualifications, and here to learn more about the specific program entry process.

How do you apply?

The process for applying for Mid Sweden University Scholarship 2023 is simple and online. You need to follow these steps:

To use this website, you must first create an account.

  1. Choose Mid Sweden University and the curriculum of your choice.
  2. 900 SEK application fee will be requested.
  3. Confirm payment and complete your application by submitting the relevant documentation (depending on the schedule), which may include, but is not limited to:
  4. Certificates and certificates from your country / countries of study showing that you have completed your degree. Universities, where you studied, must be internationally recognized institutions of higher learning.
  5. Your qualifications will consist of completed transcripts and marks for each semester.
  6. You should also submit authentic documents for any credits / transfers to previous courses.
  7. A copy of the page in your passport with your personal data and photo, or other form of identification, is required to speed up the processing of your application.

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