Heinrich Boll Foundation Scholarships for Foreign Students in Germany


Are you a foreign student looking to study in Germany? The Heinrich Boll Foundation offers grants and scholarships to applicants from outside of the European Union, allowing you to study at any university in Germany without having to worry about the added financial burden of tuition fees. Find out more about this competitive international scholarship below!

What are Heinrich Boll Foundation Scholarships?

You’re probably wondering what Heinrich Boll Foundation scholarships are, right? You shouldn’t be; there are many opportunities like these out there. Heinrich Boll Foundation scholarships are competitive scholarships available to foreign students who wish to study in Germany. The scholarship is mostly for master-level studies (one year or two years), with some opportunities for doctoral studies. But let’s focus on where you can find more information about this opportunity and how you can apply – without any more questions about what these awards cover! Don’t worry; we know it might be difficult to cut through all of the bureaucracy, but that’s what we’re here for.

Who can apply?

You must meet at least one of these requirements to be eligible: you have a Bachelor level degree from your home country, or you already have completed one year of postgraduate studies and are enrolled as a PhD student. You can also apply if you are a national of an EU Member State and hold either a degree from another EU country or have completed one year of postgraduate studies in another EU country. In any case, you must currently be living in an EU Member State or Switzerland.

What kind of funding do you get?

The Foundation awards scholarships to foreign students from developing countries who wish to attend German universities. Applicants must be nationals of a country that is not among the top 10 recipients of official development assistance, and which is classified as a developing country by international organizations. The scholarships pay living expenses, but not tuition fees. The scholarships are available for all subject areas covered by German universities (except medicine). Candidates are asked to demonstrate their motivation and academic qualifications through their CVs and cover letters. Additional information can be found on their website : What kind of funding do you get?: The Foundation awards scholarships to foreign students from developing countries who wish to attend German universities.

How to apply for a scholarship?

Scholarships are available to international students on a competitive basis and, generally, not all eligible candidates will be awarded a scholarship. Applicants must apply directly through one of our funding agencies and meet eligibility criteria; therefore it is critical that you follow each agency’s guidelines closely. Apply as early as possible to increase your chances of success. Each application is different so you need to refer to individual agency websites for specific application requirements. Review these requirements carefully before starting an application so that you can avoid common mistakes such as entering incorrect information or failing to submit required documentation by deadlines.

Where to find more information about the scholarships?

Heinrich-Boll-Stiftung (HBS) has called for applications from foreign students who wish to apply for scholarship. The HBS will fund 1,720 scholarships next year (1,080 Bachelor’s degree programmes and 640 Master’s degree programmes). HBS provides scholarship opportunities only to foreign nationals who are unable to finance their studies on their own.

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