Atlantic Fellowship Program in USA 2024 – Fully Funded

The Atlantic Fellowship program in the United States applications are now open. The Atlantic Fellowship at George Washington University offers colleagues the opportunity and lifelong learning to learn more about understanding health equality in the United States. A fully funded leadership program in the United States is designed for all young leaders who are working hard to eliminate health inequalities and understand the importance of having strong health professionals.

The Atlantic Health Equity Fellowship Program is an annual immersion program that brings together a diverse and talented group of leaders to learn, grow, establish networks, and contribute to the health agenda.

The Atlantic Fellowship Program is a fully funded leadership opportunity that will provide you with a well-paid trip to the United States to help you improve your professional and personal skills. You will be part of state-of-the-art health research, policy, and practice in the top American institutions; you will meet with a specialist in the area of ​​health equity; you will gain public visibility through various media channels; you will be able to access a unique global alumni network.

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Atlantic Fellowship Program 2024 In USA Details

  • Fellowship Country: United States of America
  • Host Institute: George Washington University in Washington, DC
  • No. of Fellowships: 20
  • Application Deadline: May 2024

Fellowship Benefits

  1. All costs associated with participating in the partnership will be covered by the plan.
  2. Throughout the year, participants will have the opportunity to attend four personal meetings.
  3. In every relationship, there will be opportunities to create a network.
  4. Group-based learning opportunities will be available to participants.

Eligibility Criteria

Students need to fulfill the following criteria:

  1. Nominees from the United States and abroad are welcome to apply.
  2. Through their efforts and/or activities, applicants must demonstrate a past commitment to health equality.
  3. Applicants who are entrepreneurs or leaders of the organization are strongly encouraged to apply.
  4. Candidates must submit a solid project proposal that combines new skills and ideas to address health inequalities.
  5. During the relationship, each person should be able to travel to Washington twice.
  6. Friends should be able to communicate well in English.
  7. Candidates must participate fully in health-related activities that need to be considered.

How do you apply for Atlantic Fellowship?

Candidates must submit their applications online.
Those in charge of their organizations can obtain a letter of reference from a member of their board of directors or a colleague in the same area who works for a different organization.
Each nominee should provide accurate information about his or her previous job and professional experience.

Application Deadline

Atlantic Fellowship Program in the USA 2024 application day in the United States is May 1, 2024.



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