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If you’re thinking about studying abroad in Mexico, and want to avoid student loans, and Mexico Scholarships may be of the best option for you. There are dozens of Mexican scholarships available to international students who will be attending college in Mexico in the 2022-2023 school year. So if you’re interested in studying in Mexico and don’t know where to start, check out these ten top Mexico scholarships, along with how to apply and how much they award. You may be surprised at how easy it can be to fund your education abroad!

If you’re planning to study abroad in Mexico, you may be interested in the scholarships available from the Mexican government. These scholarships are aimed at assisting students from other countries with their tuition expenses as well as providing some extra funding for living costs and other basic necessities. The following 10 top Mexico scholarships will help you fund your studies abroad in Mexico if you apply in 2022-2023.

Studying in Mexico can help you to improve your Spanish-speaking abilities, and it can help you to explore the rich history of this diverse country. You can study Spanish in Mexico, or you can choose to focus on something like art or engineering in one of the many colleges throughout the country. Many students are interested in scholarships to cover their expenses while studying abroad, and here we’ve compiled a list of the top 10 Mexico scholarships available to apply for in 2022-2023. Apply now!

List of Mexico Scholarships to Study In Mexico

Following is the list of available Mexican scholarships for  international students in 2023

1# Mexican Government Scholarship Program For International Students

This scholarship is targeted at highly qualified international students from all around the world. A Mexican Government Scholarship Program For International Students, in collaboration with other public and private organizations, offers awards that cover tuition fees for a Master’s degree of a duration no longer than two years (120 ECTS credits) and undergraduate degrees up to 3 years (180 ECTS credits) per academic year.

2# CONACYT OAS AMEXCID Scholarship For International Students

The CONACYT OAS AMEXCID Scholarship is the latest scholarships that is being offered by the Mexican government. This scholarship will allow you to pursue a Master’s or Doctorate Degree at a prestigious Mexican university and access international courses. All you need to qualify is an offer from the university and a perfect score on one of the tests accepted by this scholarship: TOEFL, IELTS, SAT or ACT.

3# CONACYT National Scholarships For International Students

The National Council of Science and Technology (CONACYT) is a Mexican institution that provides research grants and scholarships. They offer a number of scholarships designed to incentivize student participation, encourage professional development, recognize academic excellence, and create an educated workforce.

4# UDEM Excellence Scholarship For International Students

There are a variety of scholarships that can be applied for with this scholarship. You have to get your application in before November 2019. UDEM has been deemed one of the top public universities in Mexico, so it would be worth checking out.

5# Brotherhood Ricardo Guajardo Award For International Students

The Brotherhood Ricardo Guajardo Award for International Students is a Mexican scholarship that awards ten undergraduate scholarships. For the academic year 2020-2021, these scholarships will be awarded on the basis of academic merit and economic need. They are all full scholarships, which include tuition fees, books, transportation and health insurance. To qualify you must be from Latin America and one of the first degree holders or current students pursuing a graduate degree at any university in Mexico or abroad.

6# National Quality Postgraduate Scholarships For International Students

National Quality Postgraduate Scholarship For International Students will cover the following items: 1) Academic Excellence Award, 2) Commitment Awards, 3) Leadership Awards and 4) Policy Impact Awards. National Quality postgraduate scholarships are awarded based on academic excellence and leadership qualities.

7# CEP Scholarship For International Students

CEP is the largest higher education institution in Mexico, enrolling more than 44,000 students each year.
Applicants must be citizens of one of the following countries: United States, Canada, and other select countries that share a reciprocal agreement with CEP.
CEP values and welcomes diversity as it provides them with global perspectives from other cultures.
Tuition includes housing at discounted rates on university residence halls or campus apartments.

8# Domínguez-Rivas Scholarships For International Students

The Dominguez-Rivas scholarships are available for Mexican and international students who wish to pursue a postgraduate degree at a public university in Mexico.
Students must be nonresident, have completed their undergraduate studies, and have no intention of pursuing their graduate degree on the same subject as their undergraduate degree. They also need to submit a final grade list with transcripts from all universities attended as well as an English translation of these documents.

9# PBII Scholarships For International Students

International students who want to study in Mexico should consider applying for one of the PBII scholarships offered by the Mexican Government. These scholarships, also known as Becas, are intended to make it possible for qualified international students, who might not otherwise be able to afford it, to study at Mexican universities.

10# Gallagher Foundation Scholarships For International Students

Founded by the Gallagher Foundation, one of the leading philanthropic organizations in Canada, this scholarship is open to international students and offers assistance with tuition and living expenses. Recipients are also required to complete an eight-week summer internship at Gallagher’s Headquarters in Mississauga, Ontario. The application deadline is June 4th, and five scholarships will be awarded on June 6th.

What Are The Best Universities To Study In Mexico?

The U.S. News Best Global Universities Rankings for 2020 list MIT, Stanford, and Harvard as the top three universities in the world. They are followed by Caltech, University of Pennsylvania, Princeton University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), and California Institute of Technology (Caltech). The top 10 is rounded out by Yale University at 5th place; Duke University at 6th place; Johns Hopkins University at 7th place; and Columbia University as 8th on the list.

How Can I Study In Mexico?

Students who are interested in studying in Mexico should consider applying for one of the many scholarships on offer from Mexican universities. This can give them a chance to study in a country that’s close by and has a lot of the same cultural features, but with some different perspectives.

Is Studying In Mexico Free?

Studying in Mexico is free as long as you have a FEMP scholarship. This scholarship requires that you be enrolled at an accredited Mexican university, agree to study there until graduation, and are a citizen of the U.S., Canada, or Japan. With these requirements met, study abroad scholarships cover your tuition, food and lodging costs during the duration of your studies.
Free education is not limited to FEMP scholarships though; CENA will also waive the cost of tuition for qualifying recipients!



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